In Fearless Living, August is the month of Possibilities!!! I love that. To believe that anything is possible. Powerful words. I know reality comes into play too, but our borders can expand way beyond our comfort zones when we begin to live in possibility.

How many times have you heard people say: “Oh I couldn’t do that. That’s Impossible! Are you kidding me? At my age?” “I don’t have enough time, enough money, enough smarts!” Maybe you have heard yourself say it many times as well.  Fear loves to keep us safe in our comfort zones, letting us believe a lot of things are just not possible!

I am here today, this last hot day of August, to let you in on a little secret. Life is filled with all sorts of exciting possibilities! Each one of us have dreams and longings. I know ALL things we dream and desire may not be possible in our own lives but many things are!

This note tonight is going to be a short little exercise in writing down a list of things that you love. Things that make you excited to be alive! Perhaps people you want to connect with finally. Your list might have a few resentments and regrets you are ready to look at. Maybe your list will have names of some people you have been shy about connecting with that would like to get to know. You can come up with all sorts of things you want to buy, or create. Travel might be on your list as it is on mine! Finding time for yourself or your children, your spouse or friends might show up.  Tonight you might write on your list that you will take time to write that  letter to your mom or your child and say hello hows your summer been going? Just grab your pen and write… whatever comes to mind, whatever you feel in your heart.

Remember it is just a list! Open up your heart and soul! You are safe to write whatever you want!


What is possible in your life today! If you had a magic wand and could wish for a life you wanted, what would it look like? Maybe it would look exactly as it does tonight! 

Have fun writing it down..it can’t hurt can it? Guess what? It might be fun!!!

Next month we will visit ways to make your list come alive!

Until next time, 



July is the Fearless Living month of Surrender.. 

I have been working on my lessons of surrender for years. It has been a tough principle for me to get a hold on. 

Surrender used to mean failure to me, giving up, abandoning or not caring anymore.

This is far from the reality of what surrender is to me now. A couple of wise teachers I know, Rhonda Britten, Rosa Mazone and Cate Gerstberger,  shed a light on it for me. Now, the main thing for me is when I surrender I stop my argument with reality. I have spent many years arguing with what is and trying in all my innocence to CHANGE things. I took it on as my job to make things and people  happier,  better, different, nicer, easier, not to mention making it more comfortable for me if they or it would cooperate in this plan of mine! I used Drama sometimes to try to get my point across!!!!

Ah, how I learned over and over that what is IS! And no matter how fast I danced it still was what it was. 

Today, as I continue to practice my Fearless Living,  I have told Fear that I was capable of living my life without it constantly telling me to:  “Hang on” “Dont let go” “Don’t surrender whatever you do”….

As I practice Fearless Living and surrender, I am developing more trust in the outcome. I know whatever happens is going to happen and I am right where I am supposed to be. And guess what? I have accepted that YOU are right where YOU are supposed to be, whether I like it or not, caused it or not, fixed it or not or saved it or not!!!!!!!

So as I continue my Fearless Journey these hot days of summer, I can walk with Surrender by my side.. knowing that Reality is just that. Reality…. And that works for me!

Fear or Freedom. It’s my choice.

How has surrender shown up in your days lately? Start to watch when you are surrendering or resisting the letting go of something you can not change.  

See how Fear keeps you from surrendering.

How do you feel when you do surrender?

I feel  lighter and at peace when I surrender!

Until next Time,


Do You Know Where You Are?

Here I am the evening of the last day in June writing my June newsletter!

It has me thinking of commitment and focus…

In Fearless Living we celebrate June as the month of Present Moment.

I recently started a serious weight loss journey. I started June 6, 2012. I realize that I have been so focused and committed to this process of my road to optimal health, that I realize now that each day I was in the present moment. I didn’t worry about the future or complain and whine about the past. I stayed in the moment of the process of health.

What choice will I make now?  Instead of grabbing food mindlessly and using sweets to give me energy, I studied what healthy choices might look like. What am I feeling now? What will support me now to get through today?

Present Moment.. I love this month, whats left of it.

As you practice staying in the moment, what thoughts try to creep in to take you from yourself? What behaviors do you want to change to make it more enjoyable to be in the present moment with yourself? Fear likes to tell us that we need to be somewhere else, or be doing something different then what we are choosing. It likes us to stay out of the present moment.

I once heard that all I need to do is look down at my feet and know that is where I am.  I am where I am supposed to be. I practice kindness to myself instead of beating myself up for the past or worrying about what might happen in the future.

I invite you to explore staying in the present moment with yourself. Take a minute right now and look down at your feet. Where are you?

Until next time,


Accountable…You Count Too!

In Fearless Living I have the Essential Nature of Accountable. It has been my nature to be accountable to all people places and things EXCEPT Myself!!! I didn’t really notice this as I was growing up and working and raising a family, because being accountable to everyone is what I thought I did best.

However, as the years went by and I became Fearless, I saw that all those years that Fear controlled my choices  and attempted to take away my Freedom, eventually I stopped counting too..

So as I practice accountability to myself I know that I COUNT TOO…

Accountability for me looks like taking time to sit down and read a book. Perhaps it is working a job I enjoy. Sending emails to my children because I want to, not because I am expecting something in return. Playing my guitar or inviting my husband out for a walk and a latte.

Knowing that I count is such a Freedom for me now. I feel a part of humanity. I feel closer to my family. I enjoy my job. I am practicing being accountable to myself, which allows me to experience the fullness of life in the Present Moment, and reveals to me the Actions I can take to explore this world that I live in. It also gives me permission to stay within my own circle of life where I can be most Free.. To be accountable to ourselves is what we are here for. Because in doing this we can reach out to others and be accountable to them.

As I become accountable, I enter into compassion, kindness and gentleness to myself which then I can step into action and create a world of Freedom.

What is one step you can take today to be more accountable to yourself?

Remember; You Count Too!

Until next Time,



To Blog or Not to Blog? This was the question I kept asking myself this month… which for a few more days is April!

Of course I want to blog. Have you ever tried to talk yourself out of something you were passionate about? You tried to tell yourself it is silly, no one cares about your ramblings… You don’t have time for such things…

In Fearless Living we have April as the month of Compassion. This is the month  I  reflect on my own humanity. I tend to be a harsh judge of myself. Usually I will give you a break, but not me! I learned in Fearless Living that there is no room for judgement when you are choosing to be fearless! So I am going to choose compassion for myself and others today. By allowing myself the space I needed this month to organize some things around our home, not to mention some weeding in the yard, my writing fell by the wayside.

I thought: “Well let’s just give it up and that will be one less thing on my to do list”….. Does that sound like Fear talking?

Wait a minute!!!! I like to write. I like to share Fearless Living Principles and Tools with you. I like to explore ways to be compassionate in this life.

So…. I am going to continue to Blog!!! Buzz off Fear!

Before I end this post, I want you to ask yourself how could compassion show up in your life if you are willing to explore that idea? It might look like forgiveness, or giving yourself permission to be right where you are. Perhaps you will FEEL your feelings and know they are okay. For me, it always goes back to allowing myself to be a part of humanity.

Look down at your feet today and know that is where you are. And for today that is okay! Show some compassion for yourself and see how that feels.

Until Next Time,


We are designed for Connection!

Welcome to March!

The Fearless Principle this month is Connection.

I believe human beings are made for relationships. Relationships with not only people but   colors, music, light, darkness, wind, animals, mountains, trees, oceans, stars, clothes,  and homes just to name a few.

I somehow feel deep down inside we were not designed to be all alone.

Now of course, you can live alone, be alone at times and have a need to be alone, but way deep in the spiritual side of our humanity I think connection can be a healthy thing.

There are different ways to connect. We can physically connect. We can connect through the written word and music.

Today I am going to explore the spoken words we use to connect.

I want you to listen to yourself this month and become aware of your language as you talk to others.

Fear has a language of it’s own. Freedom has a language of it’s own also.

The language of Fear might sound like this..

I can’t… If only… I should… you should… I wish I had… I can’t believe I…I can’t believe you… I’m not rich enough, smart enough, good looking enough……I am stupid, a loser, an idiot… just not good enough!

We all have heard fear sneak into our words! This month begin to listen to your words and let’s explore turning our fear based language into more empowering words!

The language of Freedom might sound like this….

How about…. I can… I will… I am… I know… I choose.. I want…   It is possible for… I love you… I feel… I am willing to…

How we speak shows the world if we are in Fear or in Freedom.

Let’s practice choosing freedom this month and begin to connect to the world in a new empowering way!

Let us explore connecting to the world in a healthy, safe and loving way. What do we have to loose?

“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.”  ~Chief Seattle~

Until next Time,


An Extra Fearless Day in February

  • NOTES and QUOTES for the last few days of February!
  • It is a Leap year this year…. Happy Birthday to all you February 29th children!
  • I am so excited we get one extra day this year to live our lives! How are you going to spend your “extra” 24 hours?
  • I came across something by Carl Sandburg that reminded me to make sure I decide the best way to spend my time and not allow someone else to dictate how I spend it!
  • “Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.”  ~Carl Sandburg~
  • I thought it would be fun to play with the letters of LEAP YEAR….
  • Love yourself for who you are, today, right now.
  • Everyday is a miracle!
  • Acknowledge yourself today!
  • Present Moment is all we really have!
  • You are the only you that will ever be, so know that YOU COUNT TOO!
  • Each day we choose how we are going to show up…
  • Allow yourself to be a part of life!
  • Risk stepping out of your comfort zone and see what happens!

I am knowing that you will have a great “extra day” this year!

Until next Time,


Gratefulness as an Art

How many times have you heard someone tell you that you should be grateful? I think we all know it deep down inside somewhere that we would like to be grateful for what we have in our lives. To maintain gratitude on a daily basis is a challenge for most of us in this somewhat chaotic world. A lot of us gravitate towards complaining, finding that a whole lot easier than being grateful. Actually, in Fearless Living we realize complaining is a great way to advertise your fears! Just keep on complaining and somebody will start to  figure out the fears that are running your life!

You know what I complain about? People who complain! I want EVERYONE to be grateful! Well guess what? I need to turn that complaint of mine into a gratitude.

Here is an example of turning a Complaint into a Gratitude.

Complaint: I can’t stand people complaining all the time!!!!!!

Gratitude: I am grateful for what I have in my life.

Now, the focus is on MY gratefulness, so I can get more specific.

I am grateful for a loving husband.

I am grateful for 3 beautiful daughters.

I am grateful for my sense of humor.

Gratitudes are things in our lives that are outside of ourselves. Other people, nature, events, weather…

You try it now…Grab your notepad and take one of your top complaints and turn it into a gratitude. Try it, it’s fun.

I can’t stand_________.        Turns to: I am grateful for______________.

Practice this all week. Start with one or two and work your way up to five!!!!!

Before you know it, you will have mastered the Art of Gratefulness!!!!

Until next Time,



I love dictionaries! I have a dictionary my dad gave me before I went off to college. I still use that dictionary, unless I am feeling pretty lazy or in a hurry, then I  use my spotlight on my Mac!

Well, what I am getting at here is I looked up the definition of willingness and found:

Willingness; noun: the quality or state of being prepared to do something; readiness

In Fearless Living, February is the month of Willingness. Last month we became aware of our fears and expectations. We are at a crosswalk  now… deciding if we are willing to begin to see that we can change our minds and live with a little more intention and purpose.

When I think of the possibilities that willingness can bring, it reminds me of a song I heard once that said, “Awake my soul and sing!”

We can begin to see things differently. It doesn’t have to be black or white. We can be willing to explore the grey areas. This is where I am doing my exploration! I used to be black or white…all or nothing… good or bad….

Are you ready? Are you prepared to become willing to take one little tip toe out of your comfort zone and see that perhaps you could feel your feelings, you could let yourself be vulnerable and maybe become willing to be your true self even if it is only for 3 minutes today. You might even wave to your neighbor, or hug your son or be willing to drop the laundry and go for a walk with your spouse.

Grab your notepad and scribble down I AM WILLING TO____________.  Fill in the blank and see what shows up.

What possibilities could appear in your life if you became Willing?

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Until next time,


Wishing things were different than they are?

As we approach the final stretch of  January, our month of Awareness, let’s take a look at Expectations and Intentions.

Some notes on Expectations….

* Expectations…… Fear at it’s finest!

*Expectations…Wanting things to be different than they are!

*Expectations are about DOING….

*Expectations have a language of their own…should, could, would, why didn’t etc.

*What I have learned about living in Expectations from Fearless Living is that it will guarantee disappointment and possibly sadness, irritation, guilt, and the feeling of being ignored.

*When we live in Expectation we allow fear to take control of our destiny!

*Let’s take Expectations and turn them into Intentions.

*Intentions… Living on purpose in the reality of the present moment.

*Instead of wishing, waiting and hoping that things will be different, we can begin to live on purpose by coming from: I am willing to, I intend to, and I allow myself to…

* Along with Intentions we look at some goals to support them in our journey.

*We no longer give fear or others the power to disappoint us.

*Take out your notepad or journal and write down some of your common Expectations. Then I want you to turn them into  Intention statements and write 2 goals to support those Intentions.

Example from Maureen’s notepad:

My Expectation: I should be in better shape for my age!

My Intention statement: I am willing to explore being gentle with myself as I work towards getting healthier.

My 2 Goals:  1. Practice the gentle stretching my friend Joy showed me.

2. Make one salad a day to have with dinner.

Have fun becoming aware of your Expectations….They won’t bite I promise! And your Intentions supported by a goal or two will allow you to move towards Fearlessness!

Until next time,