Coach With Maureen

Have you gotten comfortable with Struggling, Sacrificing, Settling and Suffering?

Are you getting tired of your own excuses?

Perhaps carving out a little “ME” time is what you yearn for…

I have good news for you! YOU COUNT TOO!

Fear tells us otherwise, but I know the truth about you! YOU MATTER!

As your life coach, I sit in the passenger seat beside you as you begin your journey to Self Acceptance without Fear. Using the Fearless Living Tools and a safe space to trust the process, you will begin to explore the endless possibilities that life in FREEDOM has to offer you.

During your journey we will gently steer you in the direction of confidence, trust, gratitude and acknowledgment of yourself!  You will be introduced to a map of Fearless Living Tools to create the life you are passionate about!

Whatever the dream, FREEDOM can take you there!

ONE on ONE Coaching available via telephone

Fearless Book Groups via telephone

Contact Maureen today for a free 30 minute consultation at: 

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