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INTENTION for September gone by!

In Fearless Living, September is the month we look at Intention. I did not choose to write a post in September and I am wondering today why that was so. I am looking at the thoughts I had as the days went by and no blog appeared to be getting written on my lap top. I knew I wasn’t writing it but I wasn’t connected to why I wasn’t writing it.

I am looking at what my decisions were in September and how they effect me today. Take a look at some of the decisions you have been making or wish you were making these days. How are they effecting your life? Is procrastination taking away some quality from your days? Expectations can keep us stuck. Did I expect I would get around to writing? Do I expect the words to come to me in a flash? I want to revisit my INTENTION for writing my posts.  What am I willing to do to get my monthly posts written?  Is Fear showing up in little ways like procrastination, laziness or doubt?  An example of intention for me today is that the squirrels are very busy gathering their food. They have the Intention of stocking “the pantry” so their winter is comfortable. They don’t expect the food to be available all winter. They intend to be prepared.  I want to take a few notes from the squirrels today.

I am going to get to my October post now!

Until next time,