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As we journey through the month of November we visit the Fearless Living Pathway of Passion. As you have been leaving your comfort zone for the last 11 months, you began to take risks and developed a courage to explore the paths you dreamed of taking. I hope you are finding new ways to be in the world and seeing that Fear does not have to have all the power over you. 

In Fearless Living we begin to own our own power. We find passion in our lives. We learn to explore our Essential Natures and start to breathe in the Freedom that Fearless Living offers. WE can BE ourselves in all our glory, and be okay with that.

Passion can be as simple as a love of the morning sunrises or as big as a deep-seated desire to work with the orphans in war-torn countries.

I have always been passionate about being a mother. I may not be perfect, but I have a passion that keeps on burning to be the best parent I can be.

I remember when I woke up one day and realized I felt passionate about Fearless Living. I also felt passionate about Shrek movies and Springer Spaniels! I can’t tell you how my heart leaps whenever I see a Springer Spaniel walk around the corner!

What makes your heart leap? Take a little journey into your passionate side and see what shows up for you. Remember, no one can take your passion away from you! It’s yours to hold closely to your soul.

In the United States, November is our Thanksgiving month. A time to reflect on all that we are grateful for. Take out your notebook this month and scribble a few people or things you are grateful for.  While you are there, jot down what you feel passionate about today.


Until next Time,