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Wishing things were different than they are?

As we approach the final stretch of  January, our month of Awareness, let’s take a look at Expectations and Intentions.

Some notes on Expectations….

* Expectations…… Fear at it’s finest!

*Expectations…Wanting things to be different than they are!

*Expectations are about DOING….

*Expectations have a language of their own…should, could, would, why didn’t etc.

*What I have learned about living in Expectations from Fearless Living is that it will guarantee disappointment and possibly sadness, irritation, guilt, and the feeling of being ignored.

*When we live in Expectation we allow fear to take control of our destiny!

*Let’s take Expectations and turn them into Intentions.

*Intentions… Living on purpose in the reality of the present moment.

*Instead of wishing, waiting and hoping that things will be different, we can begin to live on purpose by coming from: I am willing to, I intend to, and I allow myself to…

* Along with Intentions we look at some goals to support them in our journey.

*We no longer give fear or others the power to disappoint us.

*Take out your notepad or journal and write down some of your common Expectations. Then I want you to turn them into  Intention statements and write 2 goals to support those Intentions.

Example from Maureen’s notepad:

My Expectation: I should be in better shape for my age!

My Intention statement: I am willing to explore being gentle with myself as I work towards getting healthier.

My 2 Goals:  1. Practice the gentle stretching my friend Joy showed me.

2. Make one salad a day to have with dinner.

Have fun becoming aware of your Expectations….They won’t bite I promise! And your Intentions supported by a goal or two will allow you to move towards Fearlessness!

Until next time,