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Accountable…You Count Too!

In Fearless Living I have the Essential Nature of Accountable. It has been my nature to be accountable to all people places and things EXCEPT Myself!!! I didn’t really notice this as I was growing up and working and raising a family, because being accountable to everyone is what I thought I did best.

However, as the years went by and I became Fearless, I saw that all those years that Fear controlled my choices  and attempted to take away my Freedom, eventually I stopped counting too..

So as I practice accountability to myself I know that I COUNT TOO…

Accountability for me looks like taking time to sit down and read a book. Perhaps it is working a job I enjoy. Sending emails to my children because I want to, not because I am expecting something in return. Playing my guitar or inviting my husband out for a walk and a latte.

Knowing that I count is such a Freedom for me now. I feel a part of humanity. I feel closer to my family. I enjoy my job. I am practicing being accountable to myself, which allows me to experience the fullness of life in the Present Moment, and reveals to me the Actions I can take to explore this world that I live in. It also gives me permission to stay within my own circle of life where I can be most Free.. To be accountable to ourselves is what we are here for. Because in doing this we can reach out to others and be accountable to them.

As I become accountable, I enter into compassion, kindness and gentleness to myself which then I can step into action and create a world of Freedom.

What is one step you can take today to be more accountable to yourself?

Remember; You Count Too!

Until next Time,