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Welcome to December, our month of Love.

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In this newsletter, I took some excerpts form a newsletter I wrote a few years back.

To practice being loving is a gift from the heart to the world.

In Fearless Living we practice through acknowledgements, gratitudes and taking risks to get past our fears and take care of ourselves and others.

Ask yourself this month what is your definition of love. Is it the same in all areas of your life, or does it look different in work, play, intimacy and friendships?

As 2017 comes to an end, write down 100 acknowledgements of yourself this year. If 100 is overwhelming how about 25 or 30?

A lot of us focus on all the things we didn’t get around to doing this year. I want you to write down what you did do.

What you accomplished. Who you met. Who you loved. Who you helped. Who you said good bye to. What risks you took outside your comfort zone.

Did you allow yourself to cry? To be loved? To admit you were wrong?

It will surprise you, once you get started how your list will grow.

As December arrives and the year winds down, make room in your heart for Love.

Love for yourself and others.

And while your heart makes room for all that love, ask yourself a few questions.

*What do you know to be true about your heart?

*What have you been saying yes to?

*Do you know you are enough?

*Do you believe you count too?

*What are you afraid of if you begin to love?

*What is possible for you in 2018?

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Enjoy Your Journey,

Maureen Piazza

Certified Fearless Living Coach

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