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Welcome to November our month of Passion!

What do you think of when you think of the word Passion?

Some people say they wish they had something they were passionate about.

I always envied people who found their passion and were brave enough to go for it!

Other people are afraid of their passion, because being passionate in life makes you fully alive and totally in the present moment with yourself… this can be daunting for some!

Lets explore this month what we are passionate about in life.

Even though there is so much suffering and turmoil in the world, I believe there is always room for passion.

Find a quiet spot and sit with yourself and ask yourself what brings you joy? What do you love that when you are engaged in it, you loose all track of time and you actually get distracted from everything else!

In Fearless Living we begin to trust ourselves more and more and we start to live fully in who we are. We live on purpose and with passion. In doing this we grow in self acceptance and actually enjoy being ourselves.

When we jump into our passion and live our lives fully we start to take risks as a part of our everyday existence. We are not afraid to grow and change.

Rhonda Britten says; passion is the motivation, the spark behind your purpose. Passion takes away the sense of obligation and puts play and fun into your life!

We begin to own our own power, and by doing this we can add to the world with our Freedom instead of hiding from it with our Fear.

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