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IMG_0841 (1)Welcome to our month of Trust!

October is upon us! I hope you trust all is well in your life.

The world has been unstable at best, but as we continue to lead a Fearless Life we can trust that we are right where we are suppose to be. As we trust we can be of service to ourselves and others.

When we settle into trusting ourselves, we begin to walk with our backs a little straighter, our eyes a little brighter and hand in hand with our integrity. We have a smoother go of it.

We begin to resist less and feel more confident in our decision making. We have an inner knowing that everything is working out as it should, or as God may have planned for us if you believe in a higher power.

In Fearless Living we begin to trust our intuition and to question ourselves less. We may fall into the path of Self Acceptance, and acceptance to the reality of whats going on around us.

I notice when I am trusting, I don’t have such a need to blame everyone or everything around me for whats going astray. I trust as I let go and let God, things will unfold as good and powerful.

When I practice trusting, I like to believe that everything is working out just right for me, whether you agree or not, whether you believe the same or not. It works out fine for me.

This month, I invite you to explore listening to your intuition. Listen to your heart. Trust that you know what’s best for you.

Trust yourself as you let go of things or habits, OR people that don’t serve you in your life, that a new Fearless You will begin to show up.

If you would like support in helping you find ways to begin to Trust, or am excited to dive deeper into Fearless Living through coaching or book group,  contact Maureen at

Enjoy Your Journey,

Maureen Piazza

Certified Fearless Living Coach

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