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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWelcome to our month of Intention!
September is a good time to revisit your Intention for living a Fearless Life.

Here in the United States all the summer fun is slowly winding down and the autumn days are just around the corner whispering to us: “Do you know where your sweaters are?” I celebrated my birthday at the end of August and it has always been a special time of year for me. September used to mean school starting, the town pool closed for the year and all the leaves started falling off the trees, so no more sitting in the shade writing letters to my camp friends far away…
Today as I live my life Fearlessly, September has a whole new meaning. In Fearless Living it is the month of Intention! Creating an Intention in our lives gives us a sense of knowing where we are going, where we want to be and how we want to show up in life! My Intention that I live by today is to be willing to stay present with myself and to explore self acceptance in all that I am and do.
An Intention helps us navigate our journey. I remain in integrity to my values and to my very soul when I live by Intention. Life just doesn’t happen TO me. I live on purpose and with responsibility for my choices and my actions. I am accountable to myself and others.
Are you willing to create an Intention for yourself to live by?
If you said; “Yes I am!” Congratulations! Lets get started!
Before we create our Intention, let’s take a look at EXPECTATIONS.
I know everyone has expectations in life. Whether it is an expectation of how things Should be, or how someone Should behave or how We expect ourselves to behave. In Fearless Living Rhonda Britten says: “Expectations are what you think ought to happen as a result of what you do, say, think or plan.”
Can you think of some expectations you may have?
Turning Expectations into Intentions
When we turn our expectations into Intentions we open up a whole new world of freedom for ourselves. We begin to live on purpose, in integrity and become proactive in our lives. Begin your intention with “I am willing to…… or I am willing to explore…….
Here is a quick example.
Expectation:  I Should loose 40 pounds before my daughters’ wedding.
This expectation can set you up for disappointment if you Don’t loose 40 pounds.

Intention:  I am willing to explore ways to live a healthy life style.
The Intention allows you the freedom to listen to your desires and choices. Your intuition may play a part also in your choices of exploring a healthy life style.

Creating Intention for our lives gives us purpose and direction.
If you would like more support on creating an Intention or if you are interested in diving deeper into Fearless Living through coaching or book groups via teleclasses please email me at  for a free 30 minute consultation.

Enjoy your Journey,
Maureen Piazza
Certified Fearless Living Coach
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