Fearless Principle for January: AWARENESS

Awareness is a first step in finding what you would like change in your journey, or allowing yourself to be where you are and be okay with it.

As January winds down, I want you to continue checking in with yourself. Be HONEST! Look at reality for a few moments…. I once was told I had to face reality! That was hard for me! I was always caught up in optimism, fixing, saving, that I wasn’t able to comfortably face what was really going on. Once I became aware of my own reality, which is my own feelings, my dreams, my passions and took a look at what was going on around me, I was able to start my Fearless Journey on my own path.

Relax and grab your journal and perhaps a cup of tea and start writing down what you become aware of. Awareness is just looking at and looking around…. Right now you do not have to “do” anything. Just check in.

Here are a few questions you can ponder..

What is really going on in your life right now?

What are you content with and what would you like to change or explore?

What do you want to focus on this year? Pick one or 2 areas of your life to focus on or change.

What changes do you want to see?

Are you seeing the Reality in your own life?

If you are hanging on to things that you would like to release or change, ask yourself what the cost is of keeping these things or behaviors around… What are the benefits?

Next month we will look at the Fearless Principle of Willingness…

Until then,

Your Life Coach Maureen

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