This month in Fearless Living we take a look at TRUST. That word can sound so powerful and sometimes scary when I say it out loud.. Have you ever had someone say to you, “Don’t you trust me?” or have you said “I don’t trust you.” or “I can’t trust myself.” Today I can say I trust myself. I have integrity and live my life in honesty and with compassion. However, FEAR loves to show up and try to scare me into a little bit of doubt, blame and judgement of the world around me, and my decisions.

I have been practicing trusting reality. I no longer make attempts to change what is. I have said in past notes, I have stopped arguing with reality as much as I used to.  I want to Trust life and the path that I journey on. As I explore the path of surrender, acceptance and integrity, I find more calm, more peace and more joy in my days. As I release my desire for control of others and my surroundings, I relax into a feeling of knowing that I can trust my intuition and  that I am right where I am supposed to be.

Take some time this month to listen to your intuition. See what happens if you begin to trust yourself a little bit. I trust you will be pleasantly surprised!

Just a thought on this colorful October afternoon.

Until next time,


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