Monthly Archives: August 2012


In Fearless Living, August is the month of Possibilities!!! I love that. To believe that anything is possible. Powerful words. I know reality comes into play too, but our borders can expand way beyond our comfort zones when we begin to live in possibility.

How many times have you heard people say: “Oh I couldn’t do that. That’s Impossible! Are you kidding me? At my age?” “I don’t have enough time, enough money, enough smarts!” Maybe you have heard yourself say it many times as well.  Fear loves to keep us safe in our comfort zones, letting us believe a lot of things are just not possible!

I am here today, this last hot day of August, to let you in on a little secret. Life is filled with all sorts of exciting possibilities! Each one of us have dreams and longings. I know ALL things we dream and desire may not be possible in our own lives but many things are!

This note tonight is going to be a short little exercise in writing down a list of things that you love. Things that make you excited to be alive! Perhaps people you want to connect with finally. Your list might have a few resentments and regrets you are ready to look at. Maybe your list will have names of some people you have been shy about connecting with that would like to get to know. You can come up with all sorts of things you want to buy, or create. Travel might be on your list as it is on mine! Finding time for yourself or your children, your spouse or friends might show up.  Tonight you might write on your list that you will take time to write that  letter to your mom or your child and say hello hows your summer been going? Just grab your pen and write… whatever comes to mind, whatever you feel in your heart.

Remember it is just a list! Open up your heart and soul! You are safe to write whatever you want!


What is possible in your life today! If you had a magic wand and could wish for a life you wanted, what would it look like? Maybe it would look exactly as it does tonight! 

Have fun writing it can’t hurt can it? Guess what? It might be fun!!!

Next month we will visit ways to make your list come alive!

Until next time,