Monthly Archives: July 2012


July is the Fearless Living month of Surrender.. 

I have been working on my lessons of surrender for years. It has been a tough principle for me to get a hold on. 

Surrender used to mean failure to me, giving up, abandoning or not caring anymore.

This is far from the reality of what surrender is to me now. A couple of wise teachers I know, Rhonda Britten, Rosa Mazone and Cate Gerstberger,  shed a light on it for me. Now, the main thing for me is when I surrender I stop my argument with reality. I have spent many years arguing with what is and trying in all my innocence to CHANGE things. I took it on as my job to make things and people  happier,  better, different, nicer, easier, not to mention making it more comfortable for me if they or it would cooperate in this plan of mine! I used Drama sometimes to try to get my point across!!!!

Ah, how I learned over and over that what is IS! And no matter how fast I danced it still was what it was. 

Today, as I continue to practice my Fearless Living,  I have told Fear that I was capable of living my life without it constantly telling me to:  “Hang on” “Dont let go” “Don’t surrender whatever you do”….

As I practice Fearless Living and surrender, I am developing more trust in the outcome. I know whatever happens is going to happen and I am right where I am supposed to be. And guess what? I have accepted that YOU are right where YOU are supposed to be, whether I like it or not, caused it or not, fixed it or not or saved it or not!!!!!!!

So as I continue my Fearless Journey these hot days of summer, I can walk with Surrender by my side.. knowing that Reality is just that. Reality…. And that works for me!

Fear or Freedom. It’s my choice.

How has surrender shown up in your days lately? Start to watch when you are surrendering or resisting the letting go of something you can not change.  

See how Fear keeps you from surrendering.

How do you feel when you do surrender?

I feel  lighter and at peace when I surrender!

Until next Time,