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Do You Know Where You Are?

Here I am the evening of the last day in June writing my June newsletter!

It has me thinking of commitment and focus…

In Fearless Living we celebrate June as the month of Present Moment.

I recently started a serious weight loss journey. I started June 6, 2012. I realize that I have been so focused and committed to this process of my road to optimal health, that I realize now that each day I was in the present moment. I didn’t worry about the future or complain and whine about the past. I stayed in the moment of the process of health.

What choice will I make now?  Instead of grabbing food mindlessly and using sweets to give me energy, I studied what healthy choices might look like. What am I feeling now? What will support me now to get through today?

Present Moment.. I love this month, whats left of it.

As you practice staying in the moment, what thoughts try to creep in to take you from yourself? What behaviors do you want to change to make it more enjoyable to be in the present moment with yourself? Fear likes to tell us that we need to be somewhere else, or be doing something different then what we are choosing. It likes us to stay out of the present moment.

I once heard that all I need to do is look down at my feet and know that is where I am.  I am where I am supposed to be. I practice kindness to myself instead of beating myself up for the past or worrying about what might happen in the future.

I invite you to explore staying in the present moment with yourself. Take a minute right now and look down at your feet. Where are you?

Until next time,