Monthly Archives: April 2012


To Blog or Not to Blog? This was the question I kept asking myself this month… which for a few more days is April!

Of course I want to blog. Have you ever tried to talk yourself out of something you were passionate about? You tried to tell yourself it is silly, no one cares about your ramblings… You don’t have time for such things…

In Fearless Living we have April as the month of Compassion. This is the month  I  reflect on my own humanity. I tend to be a harsh judge of myself. Usually I will give you a break, but not me! I learned in Fearless Living that there is no room for judgement when you are choosing to be fearless! So I am going to choose compassion for myself and others today. By allowing myself the space I needed this month to organize some things around our home, not to mention some weeding in the yard, my writing fell by the wayside.

I thought: “Well let’s just give it up and that will be one less thing on my to do list”….. Does that sound like Fear talking?

Wait a minute!!!! I like to write. I like to share Fearless Living Principles and Tools with you. I like to explore ways to be compassionate in this life.

So…. I am going to continue to Blog!!! Buzz off Fear!

Before I end this post, I want you to ask yourself how could compassion show up in your life if you are willing to explore that idea? It might look like forgiveness, or giving yourself permission to be right where you are. Perhaps you will FEEL your feelings and know they are okay. For me, it always goes back to allowing myself to be a part of humanity.

Look down at your feet today and know that is where you are. And for today that is okay! Show some compassion for yourself and see how that feels.

Until Next Time,