Monthly Archives: March 2012

We are designed for Connection!

Welcome to March!

The Fearless Principle this month is Connection.

I believe human beings are made for relationships. Relationships with not only people but   colors, music, light, darkness, wind, animals, mountains, trees, oceans, stars, clothes,  and homes just to name a few.

I somehow feel deep down inside we were not designed to be all alone.

Now of course, you can live alone, be alone at times and have a need to be alone, but way deep in the spiritual side of our humanity I think connection can be a healthy thing.

There are different ways to connect. We can physically connect. We can connect through the written word and music.

Today I am going to explore the spoken words we use to connect.

I want you to listen to yourself this month and become aware of your language as you talk to others.

Fear has a language of it’s own. Freedom has a language of it’s own also.

The language of Fear might sound like this..

I can’t… If only… I should… you should… I wish I had… I can’t believe I…I can’t believe you… I’m not rich enough, smart enough, good looking enough……I am stupid, a loser, an idiot… just not good enough!

We all have heard fear sneak into our words! This month begin to listen to your words and let’s explore turning our fear based language into more empowering words!

The language of Freedom might sound like this….

How about…. I can… I will… I am… I know… I choose.. I want…   It is possible for… I love you… I feel… I am willing to…

How we speak shows the world if we are in Fear or in Freedom.

Let’s practice choosing freedom this month and begin to connect to the world in a new empowering way!

Let us explore connecting to the world in a healthy, safe and loving way. What do we have to loose?

“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.”  ~Chief Seattle~

Until next Time,