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Wishing things were different than they are?

As we approach the final stretch of  January, our month of Awareness, let’s take a look at Expectations and Intentions.

Some notes on Expectations….

* Expectations…… Fear at it’s finest!

*Expectations…Wanting things to be different than they are!

*Expectations are about DOING….

*Expectations have a language of their own…should, could, would, why didn’t etc.

*What I have learned about living in Expectations from Fearless Living is that it will guarantee disappointment and possibly sadness, irritation, guilt, and the feeling of being ignored.

*When we live in Expectation we allow fear to take control of our destiny!

*Let’s take Expectations and turn them into Intentions.

*Intentions… Living on purpose in the reality of the present moment.

*Instead of wishing, waiting and hoping that things will be different, we can begin to live on purpose by coming from: I am willing to, I intend to, and I allow myself to…

* Along with Intentions we look at some goals to support them in our journey.

*We no longer give fear or others the power to disappoint us.

*Take out your notepad or journal and write down some of your common Expectations. Then I want you to turn them into  Intention statements and write 2 goals to support those Intentions.

Example from Maureen’s notepad:

My Expectation: I should be in better shape for my age!

My Intention statement: I am willing to explore being gentle with myself as I work towards getting healthier.

My 2 Goals:  1. Practice the gentle stretching my friend Joy showed me.

2. Make one salad a day to have with dinner.

Have fun becoming aware of your Expectations….They won’t bite I promise! And your Intentions supported by a goal or two will allow you to move towards Fearlessness!

Until next time,


What is Fear Anyway?

In Fearless Living we talk of Fear as the emotional Fear that dwells around and within us…  Not necessarily the fear of heights, or airplanes or fear of lightening. What we will look at here is the Fear of  “not being good enough” “smart enough” pretty enough” strong enough”. Fear of saying the wrong thing. Fear of people not liking us, accepting us as who we are, or rejecting us. The Fear of looking selfish! 

The funny thing about Fear is that it wants to keep you safe! When you take a risk or step out of your everyday comfort zone it will make a loud noise to get your attention! For example, let’s say you decide to get fit in 2012. Fear might say “yea right, I’ve heard this one before. Anyway the gym is too expensive, you never go  and you will never be able to last 2 weeks! Who are you kidding?”

As you take a tiny little step out of that comfort zone, perhaps by taking a walk around the block, let fear know you are capable of taking it from here. Tell Fear thank you for showing up but I am choosing to live in freedom now.

So this week I want you to hang out with your fears and get to know them. Become aware of what triggers you. 

See how fear shows up in your everyday life. Where does it show up? Your stomach, your back, in your tears?

Become aware how fear runs your life.

You may be surprised how you act when you are in fear, now that you are becoming aware of it.

It’s all good. Awareness is a stepping stone to being Fearless!

Get your notepad out and jot down when fear shows up!

Until Next time,



Welcome to my Fearless Journey Life Coach “note” pad!

My name is Maureen and I am a Certified Fearless Living Life Coach.

I am honored  to be here with you!

Am looking forward to you following me on this Journey to Freedom. Time to put Fear in it’s place!

I will share all sorts of Fearless Tools for living. Anyone who knows me will expect a few quotes or stories thrown in the mix! Not to mention some humor here and there!

I would love for you to take a deep breath and know that you are worthy of living the life  you were meant to live. Your heart knows what that life looks like. Tune into your heart and begin to Listen.

No passion you say? Not worthy you whisper? Have know clue what my life means you shout?  I have been there too…. Just breathe.. Oh and grab a  notepad or your journal and gently come along with me on a Fearless Journey this year. 

My format will be on this yellow notepad page so you can take a glimpse of what I share and copy it onto your notepad or journal and do your work from there!

Please feel free to leave some comments on how you are enjoying or not enjoying your fearless journey! Let me know what you would like to talk about here and I will see how we can fit it into our Journey as Fearless Folks!

Remember, as Rhonda Britten says, “No one can be Fearless alone”

Until Next time,